Contra Mundum Essay Collection: Thomas Schirrmacher

The Myth of the End of Communism

by Dr. Thomas Schirrmacher

Symbiotica 1992

For most people in the West the end of the rule of the non-elected communist governments in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union is the end of communism or at least the end of communism's worldwide influence. But this a myth. Only a certain form of communism broke down. Stalinism and all the forms of communism which grew out of it disappeared in most countries.

Some people even thought Mikhail Gorbachev abondoned communism although he only fought again Stalin and always claimed Lenin to be his example and the father of perestroika, a claim he repeated in his newest book of 1992[1].

Communism is more than Stalinism. And communism is more than to establish a communist government without election. Communism is a world-view, a religion, which can come to power by dictatorship, by democracy, by revolution and evolution, officially or underground.

As National Socialism fought its way to power on 'legal' ways through the democratic system, so today communism is gaining political power through democratic elections and democratic rules. In recent elections most of the Baltic states voted not for the parties who made those states independent from Russia, but for the communistic party. Lenin's monuments are to be erected again. Although Rumania got rid of its brutal dictator only by civil war the majority of the people voted for the followup organisation of the communist party. Most of the former states of Eastern Europe or the states of the Soviet Union today have 'democratic', communist parties with a majority in parliament. The former communist party in the Soviet Union, which was forbidden and dissolved by Boris Yeltzin, is allowed to exist again and has to get all its property (except what belonged to the state) according to a decision of the highest Russian law. The Russian parliament still has a high majority of former members of this party. (Only in former East Germany the situation is different, because it came under the government of West Germany.)

The West denies this. 'Democracy' and the freedom of election was all the West propagated against communism. Now that communism is voted for in free elections they do not know what to say. If they would accept that communism is still in power in many of the communist countries they what have to ask themselves what really makes the difference between communist and non-communist countries. They would to see that statism is the heart of communism, and not lack of democracy. They would have to ask themselves how much statism has been voted for in the countries of the West. No one is interested in that.


[1] Mikhail Gorbachev. Zerfall der Sowjetunion. C. Bertelsmann: Gütersloh, 1992. p. 201-207

Copyright © 1992 Dr. Thomas Schirrmacher

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