Contra Mundum Essay Collection: Thomas Schirrmacher

German Creationist Books

by Thomas Schirrmacher

(c) 1994 Thomas Schirrmacher

Photosynthese, Bedeutung Und Entstehung, Wort Und Wissen, Fachberichte Band 1, by Siegfried Scherer

( Hänssler Verlag, Pbox 1220, 73262 Neuhauseen-Stuttgart, Germany, 1983, 74 pages)

For a long time German creationists were few in number and just reproducing what their American teachers had given to them. So it was good that after first publishing translations of the major creationist books in a series called WORT und WISSEN (Word and Knowledge) the growing number of German creationists repeated the facts in a German manner. But fortunately those scholars have now started to publish their own research work and will contribute to the growing movement in the whole world. After a government-paid symposium led by Professor Werner Gitt, which was distributed all over Germany and contained creationism "made in Germany", WORT und WISSEN has now started a series of books (the first being a scientific presentation of American arguments, the second being popular) which will publish only original material. This series starts with a book on photosynthesis by Siegfried Scherer of Konstanz State University - and it is a good start. In the first half of the book, Scherer describes major principles of photosynthesis. The leaf of a beech tree is taken as an example of complexity. Here already, Scherer can show that evolutionary principles cannot explain the origin of life. In the second part of the book he goes deeper into his research projects at Konstanz University on bioenergetic processes, especially on the electron transport in photosynthesis. For this complex operation an evolutionary origin is for more than one reason impossible. Several diagrams and five color pictures help to understand. A good start.

Am Anfang war die Information, Forschungsergebnisse aus Naturwissenschaft und Technik, by Werner Gitt (ed.)

(Resch Verlag, (Irminfriedstraße 20-22, D-8032 Gräfeling/München, W. Germany) 19822

This book was formerly the report on the 37th seminary of the Federal Physical-Technical Institute (Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt, Braunschweig), which is the highest ("bedeutendste" = most important) German institute for technical matters. The nine scientific lectures were sent freely to many institutions. The second edition contains, in addition to the original summaries in German and English, a second summary before each lecture with biographical remarks by the editor. Prof. Blechschmidt, of Göttingen, shows that the "biogenetic law" is wrong as far as human embryos are concerned. Instead of this he offers a "law of the maintenance of individuality".

Prof. Trincher, Wien, also disproves the evolutionary view of embryogenesis which builds on dissipative structures as means of self organization. He explains the growing cell in the framework of the fundamental law of thermodynamics.

Dr. Scheven, Ennepetal, refutes the philosophical generalizations on fossil-studies. He answers the question of what information we can obtain from fossils and gives examples for the rapid burial of most fossils. Added to the lecture are 30 full color photographs from his own collection.

Prof. Gutmann, Wien, shows that a system without hierarchic order would be incapable of existence. The Rubik-cube is used as illustration.

Prof. Vollmer, Karlsruhe, gives evidence that natural macromolecules like proteins and nucleic acids are only formed with the aid of enzymes or/and matrix-macromolecules.

Prof. Schneider, Heidelberg, examines the most important radiometric clocks and shows their physical irrelevance.

Prof. Locker, Wien, shows with system-theoretical, metamathematical and metatheoretical analyses that the idea of self-organization falls short of evidence.

Prof. Gitt, Braunschweig, then, gives a qualified lecture on order and information in nature and technology. He shows by ideas of information theory the fallacy of the evolution model.

The book containing scientific studies against the evolution theory by German and Austrian authors was the first one which was not an interpretation of American literature. I believe it to be the first real contribution of the German speaking world to the evolution-creation debate.

All articles are richly illustrated and give many literature references. The English summary makes it useful for English speaking scholars too.

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