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Progressive Calvinism

Progressive Calvinism, later renamed First Principles in Morality and Economics.

Volume I, 1955 - Essays Against Sanctimony and Legalized Coercion January - Foreword - The Character Of The Progressive Calvinism League - A Description How Most Of Us Feel About The Future Life Compared With The Present Life - A Great And Growing Inferiority Complex Of Calvinists - One Of The Dead And Inert Ideas In Calvinism, Namely "Loving One's Neighbor" - An Address To Talented Students February - Is The Principle Underlying Socialism-Communism High And Moral And Are Only Socialist-Communist Means Immoral, Or Are Both Principle and Means Immoral? - Understanding And Misunderstanding The Hebrew-Christian Law of Love: A. The Plain Teaching of Scripture Regarding Brotherly Love - Reprint Of An Editorial From The Calvin College Chimes About The First Issue Of Progressive Calvinism March - A Famous Political Philosopher Has Declared That The Trend Of All Human Institutions Is Downward - The Thought That Christianity's Message Has Become Unrealistic In Respect To An Aspect of This Life - Understanding and Misunderstanding The Hebrew-Christian Law of Love: B. Analytical Dissection of Scriptural Law of Brotherly Love - "Indian Not Lost, Tepee Lost:" April - Explanation to Readers Regarding Contents of Current Issues - Understanding and Misunderstanding The Hebrew-Christian Law of Love: C. Scriptural Corrections of Popular Errors Concerning Law Requiring Brotherly Love May - Understanding and Misunderstanding The Hebrew-Christian Law of Love: D. Arrogance and Sanctimoniousness Associated With Other Definitions of Brotherly Love June - A Word to Readers - Cain: a Murderer, a Liar, and a Lawgiver - New Doubts Among Calvinists Whether Psalm One Belongs in the Canon of Scripture - Feudalism, Individualism, Socialism and Interventionism July - Confusilated and Complexified - Reverend Gerrit Hoeksema on: It Has Not Been Proven from Scripture to be Sin - The Anti-Revolutionary Party; the Founder was Confusilated from the Begining and Now They Seem to Have Made a Volte Face - Professor W. H. Jellema on: That Takes Study - New Magazine, Tot Vrijheid Geroepen (Called Unto Liberty), in the Netherlands August - The Problem of the Real Meaning of Neo-Orthodoxy - Barth versus Brunner, on Communism - "The End Justifies the Means!" - "The Powers That Be Are Ordained of God" - Machiavelli, on Property and Women September - We are In Favor Of Justice For The Laboring Man - A Cause For Continued Amazement - A Great Banker's Thought - A Lament - "We Must Obey God Rather Than Men" October - We Believe It Right That They Threw Daniel Into The Lion's Den - Challenging Prevailing Ideas On Brotherly Love, On Obedience To Government, And On Justice - Could Eve Talk? - We Line Up With Sixteenth Century Dutch Calvinists Rather Than Modern Dutch Calvinists - The Quest For Ramparts For Liberty November - An Explanation Of The Selection Of Contents For This Issue - Wherein Tallyrand Was Greater Than Groen Van Prinsterer - Dr. Dirk Jellema On The Idea That Coercion Is Moral - Rev. Norman S. Ream On The Idea That Coercion Is No More Moral And Wise For Industry Than It Would Be In The Church - Mr. Joseph Gritter, Secretary Of The Christian Labor Association On The Idea That It Is Immoral To Stay Out Of A Union, And That Therefore Coercion Of Men Into the CLA Is Moral! - A Union Which Should Be Organized - Our Dutch Bretheren Are Cutting Us Up - What Happened To the Daily Newspaper Abraham Kuyper Founded? - The Origin of Trouw, The Successor To De Standaard - Dr. Bruins Slot On The Authority Of Government December - A Survey Of Our First Year - Praxeology - What We Would Understand By "Conditioning" - Scripture Does Not Stand Alone - Individualism Is Compatible With Glorifying God - Christian Reformed "Intellectuals" - A New Lucubrations - The Bruins Slot Proposition That The United States Has Become Prosperous Through Luck - Did "Luck" Make Holland Prosperous In Its Golden Age? - The Commandment Of God Which The "Luck" Idea Is Intended To Frustrate Volume II, 1956 - Essays On the Peerless Mosaic Law Contents, Declarations, Foreword January - Why We Feel We Should Begin With "Morality" - "The Spirit Of The Lord Moved Him" - The Alternative Foundations Of Society - A First Look At Present Christian Education - Abraham Kuyper's Unscriptural And Unsound Ideas On Tariff Protection - An Old Farmer Who Was A Better Observer Than Abraham Kuyper (An Article In Defense Of New Hats For Women) February - A Reader's Reaction And Our Reply - How "Liberty" Can Destroy Liberty - A Great Netherlander On Sphere Sovereignty - Happiness, Liberty, Discrimination - The Tyranny Of Brotherly Love March - Religion And Culture - Moses, Greatest Lawgiver Of All Time - Moses, On Adultery, Socrates And Plato, On Promiscuity - A Few Rational Arguments Against Adultery - Socrates And Plato, On Justice - The Merits Of The Socratic-Platonic Definition Of Justice - The Demerits Of The Socratic-Platonic Definition Of Justice - Moses, On Justice - Religion And Culture, Again April - "He Has . . . Systematically Examined Every Important . . . Problem" - What Are The Problems Of Calvinism? - Faith Alone Versus Faith Propped By Something Else - The Decline Of The Ministry - Doorbraak (The Break-Through) - The State And The Second Table Of The Law - Polygyny In Nigeria - The Interesting Quotation By Rev. Leonard Verduin - The Heidelberg Catechism's Explanation Of: Thou Shalt Not Kill - The Testimony Of A Labor Leader In Canada Against Coercion May - Academic Freedom At Calvin College - Sex Is Not Sin June - We Confess Belief In The Doctrine Of Total Depravity - Abraham And Money - What Is Money - The Best Way To Cheat About Money - Adam Smith; Calvinism; The Reasoning Of A Powerful Mind; And A Colossal Error - Does God Make Money Reliable By Means Of Bureaucrats Or Cure Scrofula By French Kings? - William Jennings Bryan And Demagoguery About Money - The Present Paper Money Of The United States - The Present Money Of The United States Is Worse Than The Ancient Money of Abraham - How Paper Money Can Violate The Moral Law - How The United States Government Has Violated The Moral Law In Regard To Money - The Suckers--The Victims Of A Dishonest Money System July - Lack Of Intellectual Respectability - One Phase Of Economics—The Relationship Of Men To Things - Work And Sin - Work Is, Or Should Be, Pleasure - The Universal Welfareshortage - A Revival Of An Old Inquiry - Questions About Our Fifth Declaration August - Christianity And Communism And Progressive Calvinism - Questions Which Readers Ask - Some Observations On Reading Clubs September - The Idea Or Theme Of This Issue - Max Weber, Sociologist - Tawney's Foreword To Weber's Book - Are Calvinists Prosperous? - What Is Capitalism? - What Is The Protestant Ethic? A. In Regard To The Antithesis B. In Regard To Calling In Life C. In Regard To The Glory Of God D. In Regard To Loving Neighbor - Evaluation Of Weber's Thesis On Calvinism And Capitalism October - The Charisma From God - The Christian Reformed Church In Perspective - Do They Know The Score? - Purpose Of The Book: God-Centered Living - Clarence Bouma On "The Relevance Of Calvinism For Today" - H. H. Meeter On "Books On Calvinism And Calvinistic Action" - Henry J. Ryskamp On "Calvinistic Action And Modern Economic Patterns" November - Ryskamp On "Calvinistic Action And Modern Economic Patterns" (continued) - Five Ideas That Will Stultify Calvinism - The Prophet Iddo - Religion And Two Classes Of Sciences—The Natural Sciences And The Praxeological Sciences - Ethical Ideas Potentially Imbibed By Pre-Seminary Students - The Source Of Authority - Vanden Bosch On "Calvinism And International Relations" December - Progressive Calvinism Is Rationalistic - Suggestions To Women Who Have Ambitions For Their Men - Ludwig Von Mises: The Anti-Capitalistic Mentality - Economists And Authors Writing About The Economic Structure Of Society

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