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About the format

Most of these book files were created from scans and converted to Adobe Portable Document Format as graphic images. Adobe Paper Capture was used to make them searchable, but with some word recognition errors. A few were created using OCR, and these have the original page numbers indicated with brackets in the text for those who need to cite the pages in their research. The larger files require Adobe Reader 6.

Herman Bavinck

Calvin and Common Grace (78 k)

G. W. Bromiley

Sacramental Teaching and Practice in the Reformation Churches (1.8 MB)

Emil Brunner

Christianity and Civilization: First Part: Foundations (2.8 MB)

George Buchanan

De Jure Regni Apud Scotos

Herbert Butterfield

Christianity and History (2.9 MB)

Jacques Ellul - International Jacques Ellul Society

The New Demons (3.2 MB)

The Theological Foundation of Law (413 k)

E. L. Hebden Taylor

The New Legality (283 k)

T. Robert Ingram

What's Wrong With Human Rights (158 k) Cover (152 k)

Michael Kelley

The Burden of God: Studies in Wisdom and Civilization from the Book of Ecclesiastes (694 k)

Impulse of Power: Formative Ideals of Western Civilization (2 MB)

Francis Nigel Lee

Are the Mosaic Laws for Today? (706 k)

Francis Oakley

Omnipotence and Promise: The Legacy of the Scholastic Distinction of Powers (289 k)

The Etienne Gilson Series 23

Daniel O'Conner and Francis Oakley, eds.

Creation: The Impact of an Idea (5 MB)

Klaas Schilder - Project Neocalvinisme

Christ and Culture (384 k)

Heaven - What Is It? (287 k)

Thomas Schirrmacher

God wants you to Learn, Labor, and Love (679 k)

Hope for Europe: 66 Thesis (513 k)

Hoffnung für Europa: 66 Thesen (578 k)

Human Rights Threatened in Europe: Euthanasia - Abortion - Bioethics-Convention (235 k) : Cover

Law or Spirit? Galatians Between Legalism and Antinomianism (442 k) : Cover

The Persecution of Christians Concererns Us All (478 k) : Cover

Henry R. Van Til

The Calvinistic Concept of Culture (3.5 MB)

E. C. Wines

The Hebrew Republic - unedited scan (1 MB)

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